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#aint #nobody #got #time #for #that

Let's face it. Social Media, after a long time coming, has become the ins and outs for this generation. Multiple platforms, each with millions of users from around the globe. You could be using Facebook to connect with old friends, sharing your life through photos on Instagram, or using Twitter to stay on top of trending topics. It is our way of getting involved and staying connected. In today's world, social media is our gravity.

It's safe to say that 99% of the people I know personally, currently use one form of social media or another. A few years back after my grandfather got confused and asked my grandmother why she was always on what he called "that 'MyFace' bullshit," even he broke down and made a page of his own. Although it was on Facebook, not 'MyFace'. (I'm pretty positive 'MyFace' doesn't even exist, nor did it ever.)

So now that I think about it… if my grandparents are active Facebook users, then that 1% of people I know personally who aren't currently using social media is filled only with young children. Shit, even some of them have their own pages… and that is a separate conversation we can have later on down the road.

Social Media has its perks, and I believe people should take full advantage. But… Like anything else, a positive usually has a negative following behind. In this case, I'm not talking about the social media platforms themselves. I'm referring to the people using the platforms.

Although sometimes I think there should be, unfortunately there is no rulebook on using social media. I frequently find myself wanting to tell these people that they're doing it all wrong. Sadly, the list of people doing it wrong is incredibly long, and ain't nobody got time for that.

So instead I'm blogging about it.

For two reasons, or should I say for two different types of social media users.

1. For all of those who have a special way of making me silently mouth the words 'What the hell?' after I read something you've shared. I pray you come across this blog and take the hint. Please don't be offended, I'm simply trying to help. Hell, You may even thank me later.

2. Though I doubt there are very many of you, to the ones that may share my opinion on everything that is completely annoying in the social media world, I hope I provide you with a good laugh, and a small recess from reading another (insert choice word here) posts.

Here's what tops my list of reasons why I need a 'Dislike' button:

'Likes' won't make your dirty laundry any cleaner:

Have you ever thought about why people refer to certain personal information as "dirty laundry"? Well, simply because it is exactly that. Dirty laundry; it looks and smells like shit, it's usually embarrassing, and as far as I know… not a soul in the world enjoys it. Nobody wants to know about how many times your "other half" has cheated, nor do we need to hear every single detail of your on-again, off-again relationship. I don't even like thinking about my own dirty laundry, so what in the hell makes you think that I would want to be exposed to yours? Social media is in no way, shape, or form a clothes line. Please stop using it as such. This is where the saying, you're a product of your environment, has an impact on me. Because when you incorrectly use social media as a clothes line to air your dirty laundry, it makes me want to incorrectly use a clothes line to literally clothes line you.

Line leader's don't exist without a line standing behind them:

America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Isn't it beautiful how we can choose our own beliefs and opinions. I love an interesting and respectful debate. I even enjoy listening to other peoples educated positions on certain issues involving our country's laws and lawmakers. We aren't required to agree or disagree with our leader's beliefs on how to run our country. I can respect someone that shares their own beliefs or ideas on social media respectfully, if they choose to do so. But, I do not condone people who use social media to publicly disrespect the leaders of our country. Y'all do realize that anyone in the entire world can see what you share on social media right? You can and should share your opinions without being a complete dipshit while doing so. In my opinion when people are publicly bashing our own leaders on social media platforms seen worldwide, it makes our country look weak. I find it quite embarrassing. Keep in mind: there is no line without a leader, no leader without a line.

Study before you share:

Stop sharing articles, news, links, and stories before you actually read the damn thing. I believe that a large majority of people want to be thought of as a person of intelligence rather than ignorance. With that said, remember that the social media platforms you use, are seen as a direct reflection of who you are outside of a computer screen. You more than likely wouldn't show up for a situation that requires your knowledge without doing prior research and learning the facts of truth to acquire your own opinion, or would you? Too often I see people share articles or stories that they clearly didn't read prior to sharing it. From my experience of being in the public eye, I'll let you in on a little secret: The media must get your attention with something, and believe me, they'll do anything to get it. If they don't grab you with the title, it is likely they will never get you. Titles are very misleading and sometimes even false. Please study before you share.

Should your Gym Membership look like this; - workout fee $5

- wifi fee $20

I'm embarrassed to even admit that I know what day of the week 'leg day' is for a few people that I follow on social media. I involuntarily gained this knowledge from seeing them post about their workouts every. single. damn. day. five. days. a. damn. week. I'm happy for all of you that, unlike me, were born with a genetic blessing of enjoying the gym… but quite frankly, I don't give a shit if you're fit. And most of the time, when I see your daily 'gym time #getfit #healthylife #sweat' post, in my head I'm thinking: "Man, if you spent that time actually working out instead of posting that gym status/selfie, we would be in a win-win situation. You would be a lot more fit, and I would save a lot of money from requiring less beer to deal with your workout routine." Basically, if your smart phone automatically connects to your gym's wifi network, you're probably doing it wrong. Here are a few social media fitness apps created so you can share your gym sessions with all of the other gym happy people. [PumpUp, Fitocracy, Social Fitness, and Vigorway]

I'd hate to have anyone feeling left out. So if you don't participate in sharing the type of things listed above, then you may fit in somewhere here:

Rule of thumb: If it's annoying to type, it's probably annoying to read.

- If the majority of your Instagram feed is selfies of you "working", you are a liar.

You're not working. You're also not #onthegrind. You're simply taking selfies all day.


It gets my attention, but not in a good way. I just scroll past like it was never there.

- If the picture you're sharing should require a caption like:

"Do my boobs make my eyes look blue?" or "I'm loving my new white yoga pants!"

… Please, just stop. Ladies, you should want respect… not 'Likes'.

Okay, okay. Now that I have probably pissed off a few people, and made a few more go scroll through their feeds double checking which category they fall into…I believe I'm done. Like I said before, I'm only trying to help and entertain. Thanks for reading! Now go be an active social media user, tweet me your feedback and ideas! (@MaciBookoutMTV)

Y'all rock!

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